This is a 1978 Chevrolet® Malibu™ Drag Car Clear Body. Pro-Line is proud to introduce the timeless 1978 Chevy® Malibu™ body specifically designed for the growing No-Prep SC Drag Racing scene! Bowtie fans will love this ultra-scale body that captures all the signature details of Mark Micke's 4,700hp, twin-turbo, 200mph+ G-body Malibu™.Transform your Slash® 2wd or AE DR10 into a scale 1/4-mile beast in retro-classic square-body style! We recommend using our Hoosier 2.2" Drag Racing Tires on the front, Hoosier Drag Slick SC 2.2"/3.0" Drag Racing Tires or Reaction HP SC 2.2"/3.0" Belted Tires in the rear, Pomona Drag Spec Wheels, and the Stinger Wheelie Bar to complete the ultimate hot-rod look.To create the most scale look possible, the body is designed with a narrower track width than a traditional SC body. It is a direct fit on the AE DR10, but your 2wd Slash® will require some modifications to fit correctly.Here is the list of modifications needed to fit the Malibu™ on your Slash® 2wd.Check out this video for a step-by-step build:Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for Slash® 2wdTraxxas® Bandit® Front Arms — #2531XTraxxas® Bandit® Rear Arms — #2750RTraxxas® Bandit® Front Caster Blocks — #2432Traxxas® Bandit® Steering Blocks — #3636Traxxas® Bandit® Axles — #2437Traxxas® King Pins — #3740Traxxas® Front Camber Turnbuckles — #2444Traxxas® Rear Turnbuckles — #2443Traxxas® Toe Link Turnbuckles — #2445Shorten Rear Drive ShaftsRemove Front BumperPro-Line's team of innovators are also offering some exclusive 3D BONUS Parts, available for download, free of charge! Click the links below to grab 3D files to print-at-home on your 3D printer or send to an online print shop such as Shapeways:Bullhorn Exhaust Pipe .STLReam a 14.5mm diameter hole in your body and insert it from the inside. Attach using Shoo-goo on the flange.Rear Body Post Reposition Bracket .STLUse these brackets between your Slash 2wd rear shock tower and PL Extended Body Mounts to move the rear posts 50mm rearwards. This will locate the Secure-Loc Caps on the flat trunk surface rather than in the rear windshield. This is not required but provides a better and cleaner looking fit.Don't forget to submit your finished Pro-Line body to Reader's Rides when you are done. Who knows, you could get your ride posted on the blog and you could even win a prize!Give your SC drag car the most scale look at the strip with Pro-Line's 1978 Chevy® Malibu™!*This body requires extended body mounts for proper body fit on your Slash® 2wd**Bullhorn exhaust pipes are not included.

1978 Chevrolet Malibu Clear Body for Slash 2wd Drag Car & AE DR10

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