GPM Racing - ARRMA - TYPHON 6S BLX BUGGY - MAY095FS Harden Steel 45 Front CVD Drive Shaft 4pc set

This item is suitable for ARRMA-1/8 TYPHON 6S BLX BUGGY-ARA106046, ARRMA-1/7 INFACTION 6S BLX -ARA109001, ARRMA-1/7 LIMITLESS ALL-ROAD -ARA109011 and ARRMA-1/7 INFRACTION 6S BLX-ARA7615V2

Original Name / Part No.: AR310455+AR340451+AR310452

Part location: Front CVD

This product includes :

CVD 2pcs
Stainless Steel Screw Shaft 5x5 2pcs

Major advantages of upgrading to this part/product :
1. Made by harden steel #45 for stronger use and smooth driving performance.
2. The thicker design upgraded from original dogbone 5mm diameter to 6mm diameter makes the movement of turn more powerful and not easy to break.

ARRMA TYPHON 6S BLX BUGGY Harden Steel #45 Front CVD Drive Shaft 4pc set