What does “Perfect Pass” do?

  • Perfect Pass allows the user to adjust how smoothly and controllably your car accelerates, by controlling how quickly the throttle signal to the ESC increases – even if the driver pulls the trigger abruptly.

  • For speed runners, “Perfect Pass” helps make sure you accelerate very smoothly and gradually, avoiding over-amping your system, loss of control, and excessive battery voltage sag – which costs you top speed and excessive wear on parts.

  • For drag racing, “Perfect Pass” helps assure optimum traction/acceleration and vehicle control, especially when traction is less than ideal or running with “no prep” rules.

  • “Perfect Pass” can also be used as a training aid for any new RC driver by slowing down the throttle response tremendously.

  • “Perfect Pass” installs between your receiver and your ESC.

  • From neutral to ~ 15% throttle, the ESC follows your command uninterrupted to allow part speed driving to and from a pass.

  • The time to go from low throttle to full throttle is adjustable from 0 - ~ 10 seconds

  • There is no effect while using brakes or reverse at any time.

  • Suggested speed run delay time 0 – 100% throttle is ~ 7 SEC, for drag use as needed.


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  • Quick-start instructions

    • Insert “Perfect Pass” female plug into the receiver channel 2 port.

    • Connect ESC throttle cable to “Perfect Pass” male connector.

    • Turn potentiometer (pot) screw fully counter-clockwise (CCW)

    • CAUTION – the potentiometer is fragile and could break if too much force is used.

    • Re-calibrate your ESC to your radio.

    • You’re ready to go!  With pot fully CCW, Perfect Pass will have no effect on throttle operation.

    • The more you turn the pot screw clockwise (CW), the more “Perfect Pass” will slow how quickly the throttle will advance.

    • You MUST disconnect power every time you change timing (pot) to allow changes to take effect! 

    • See YouTube videos for a quick-start tutorial, and also for some more advanced tuning options.

      • https://youtu.be/J2uHFbxy5VE


      • NOTE:  If you want to visually see how it works, and the effect of adjusting the pot, plug a servo into the Perfect Pass output lead and you can quickly see how it works!

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