for 17mm MT Front or Rear, Mounted on F-11 Black 1/2" Offset 17mm Wheels


This is a pair of pre-mounted Trencher X 3.8” All Terrain Tires. Leave a mark with your Monster Truck wherever you are with Pro-Line’s Trencher X tires. The Trencher X tires are designed to give your MT optimal traction on just about any surface. Super cool horizontal H shaped treads give your MT ridiculous amounts of forward bite. With tread height at 1/4” tall, you’ll find that durability and longevity are second to none.

" The tires provide more stability and tons more traction on any surface, in turn, they make a monster truck unstoppable. When using the tires on gravel or any other loose surface they grip enough to keep you from spinning out but still allow you to slide, to drift or do donuts. The traction that the tires provide is really the best of both worlds and seems to be made for bashing. But when they are taken out on a track they perform like a tire that’s made for racing! They handle clay surprisingly well the tires were sticking to the corners and helping me rip wheelies down the straight away.."
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The Trencher X 3.8” tires are mounted on F-11 Black wheels. Pro-Line has an all-new wheel for all of the Monster Truck fans: the F-11 3.8” 1/2” Offset 17mm wheel! The F-11 is a super-tough 11-Spoke wheel designed to mimic the look of full-size Off-Road Trucks! Pro-Line’s new F-11 wheel features scale bolt head details and a swept-back face that will stand out from the crowd of boring wheels. This wheel will accept all Pro-Line 3.8" Traxxas® Style Bead tires along with all Stock Traxxas® 3.8" tires, giving you a ton of rubber options. This 17mm hex wheel is sure to make your truck stand out from the rest, so get some today!

PROLINE Trencher X 3.8" All Terrain Tires Mounted

SKU: 1184-13
    • The ultimate basher tire!
    • Horizontal H shaped tread for ridiculous amounts of and side-to-side stability
    • Oversized and nearly 1/4” tall tread are second-to-none in durability and longevity
    • Increased sidewall thickness to resist tearing at the bead
    • Extremely detailed sidewall design for that tough off-road look
    • Official Pro-Line logo embossed on sidewall of tire
    • Stylish 11-Spoke wheel design with satin finish
    • Beefy Reinforcement Webs for Ultimate Durability
    • Simulated Bead-Loc rings and Bolt Heads
    • Wheel made from high-strength, durable DuPont nylon material
    • 1/2” Wheel Offset for Wider MT Stance

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