Part Number:442520

  • 105 mm Dia. 40mm width 17mm HEX
  • 67 Grams each tire
  • This is softest foam tires you may find for the GT8 racing. if wear or chunk occured, you may try Med or harder compounds.


This is a pair of our All out Drag racing/Speed runs Foam tires in Soft compound

  • Our foams: Made out of race proven high density foams, long lasting durable yet high traction.
  • Our Wheels: Special resin wheels made ONLY for the Drag racing/Speed runs. this is not a offroad buggy wheels that squat at the start line to wobble at finish line.
  • Our gluing process: each wheels and tire are mounted on a special machine to sand and tru to perfection with decades of experience in foam tires fabricating.
  • Comes with a side-wall/compound decal.

Finished product: Mega grip, long life Foam tires for serious drag/Speed run racers.

Sweep FAST FORWARD SOFT FOAM TIRES for GT8 17mm HEX 2pcs set

SKU: 442520

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