The TP 4040-CM Series is a more powerful version of the regular 4040 series motor, with 95K max burst RPM. 




Can: Smooth


KV: 3770

Max Amps (A): 167

Max Volt (V): 6S

Continuous Power (W): 1650

Max Power (W): 4200 for 10 seconds

Max RPM: 95 K for 10 seconds

Internal Resistance (Ohm): 0.002

No-load Current (A): 

Shaft Diameter (mm): 5mm in stock

Diameter X Length (mm): 40 X 74

Output Shaft Length (mm): 18

Bolt Pattern: 4 - M3 - 25mm

Weight: 390 g

Pole: 4-pole 

TP Power 4040 CM 3770kv Brushless Motor ( up to 6s )

SKU: 4040CM3770kv